The Union of Greek Communities of Armenia includes non-governmental organizations operating in Armenia and Artsakh, whose main purpose is to consolidate the Greek population of Armenia, to spread Greek culture and Greek language.

Currently, the following communities are included in the Union of Greek Communities of Armenia:


“Akmi” Greek NGO of Alaverdi

“Akmi” Greek community of Alaverdi involves Greeks living in Alaverdi and the surrounding villages. There are also a puppet theater and a Greek choir in the community.

There is also a Greek Medical Fund “Hippocrates” in Alaverdi, led by Greek surgeon Simon Zakharov.

President: Vache Mkrtchyan

Contacts: tel. +37455700332 email.


“Ilios” Greek Community NGO of Yerevan

“Ilios” Greek Community NGO of Yerevan was founded in 2009 in Yerevan. The founder of the organization was Slava Rafaelidis. Since its establishment, Ilios has been publishing a homonymous newspaper (Karine Karapetyan, editor of the newspaper) that covers the daily lives of Greeks in Armenia, events, Greek customs, cultural and political news. The newspaper articles are presented in three languages: Armenian, Russian and Greek.

In 2016, “Ilios” NGO, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, translated and screened a documentary on the footsteps of the Argonauts, a documentary on the Pontic Greek Genocide.

President: Kristine Rafayelova

Contacts: phone: +37498584224


Greek “Patrida” NGO of Armenia

“Patrida” Greek community of Armenia has published the “Byzantine heritage” information-analytical magazine for many years.

President: Eduard Polatov

Contacts tel. +37499774500 email:



Greek “Anastasi” NGO of Hrazdan

The Greek “Anastasi” community of Hrazdan includes the population of Charentsavan, Tsakhkadzor, Dilijan, Sevan and 7 surrounding villages.

President: Kostya Avgitov

Կոնտակտներ՝ հեռ. +37477023954 email:


Greek “Olympus” NGO of Noyemberyan

The Greek “Olympօs” community includes the population of Noyemberyan and surrounding villages. Greek courses are also provided in the community. Teacher: Anushik Hakhoyan.

President: Tamara Tamazyan

Contacts: tel. +3749617871:


“Ellada” Greek Community NGO of Shirak Region

“Ellada” Greek Community NGO of Shirak region was founded in 1998 in Gyumri. The community was first led by Karine Tosunyan. She was followed by Presidents Vrezh Kutikov and Mikhail Izmirov.

There is also a dance group in the community, where Greek dances are taught.

The organization also teaches Greek three times a week. The lessons are taught by Mushegh Titanyan.

President: Kensaber Ispiryan

Contacts: tel. +37494008380, email.


“Pontos” Greek NGO of Stepanavan

Pontos Greek NGO of Stepanavan was founded in 1994 by Yakov Nikolaidis. It was followed by Presidents Roman Arabov and Alexander Khristoforidis. The community includes the Greek population of Stepanavan and the surrounding villages, particularly Yaghdan and Koghes.

Greek teachers Ilya Triandafilov and Aida Lazareva have been teaching Greek for years. The youth of community members have repeatedly participated in youth camps and forums.

President: Christina Tumasyan

Contacts: tel. +37499683683:



“Elpida” Greek Community NGO of Vanadzor

The “՛Elpida” Greek community of Vanadzor has been distinguished for many years by specialized Greek courses conducted by Greek specialist Tagvor Ambakoumyan. In addition to language training, community members organize study tours and thematic film screenings, learn Greek songs.

President: Arkadi Khitarov

Contacts: Email, tel: +37491450184


Greek Community NGO of Artsakh

There are about 400 representatives of ethnic minorities in Artsakh, of which only Russians and Greeks are officially registered. The Greek community of Artsakh is small, with about 40 members. Since August 2019 the Greek community of Artsakh Republic has been a member of the Union of Greek Communities of Armenia.

President: Sofya Ivanidis

Contacts: tel: +37497208877, Email:



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