The 2nd Global Pontian Youth Forum took place in Thessaloniki from the 2nd till the 4th of October 2015.

Five hundred representatives of Pontian Youth from 23 countries of the world, 13 Pontian Federations came together to unite their efforts to create a single global national space.


The descendants of the Pontic Greeks, scattered across five continents, gathered for a historic meeting on the day of Kemal Ataturk’s entry into Pontus – October 2 to remind of unity, solidarity of Pontian youth, the need to remember their historical past and determine its role in the struggle and prospects for international recognition of the genocide of the Pontic people.

It is no secret that our young people living in different countries are gradually losing their national mentality, our children speak the language of the people in the country they live, the national traditions are forgotten. The main goal of the Forum was to unite the Greeks abroad, to give them common goals and objectives, to include in the general process of preserving the culture and traditions of Pontian Hellenism, to help their historical homeland during the difficult period .






Translated by Kristine Tumasyan