Residents of the Bayandur village started the construction of the only Greek Church, St. George Church in Alexandrapol in 1850. It is said that the church was built with the support of the grandfather of sculptor Sergey Merkourov, Fyodor Merkourov. The church was located in the Greek (Urums) neighborhood, in the place of the current statue of Stephan Shahoumyan. It was destroyed in 1933-1934.

The only thing that was preserved from the Greek Church is only a sculpture depicting George sitting on a horse. There were lots of shops and markets around the St. George church. As one of the travelers attests, “there were so many shops (kiosk) and workshops around the church that it wasn’t visible from afar.”










Gohar Navasardyan

Excerpt from a thesis “The architecture of Armenian churches of Gioumri”

Translated by Kristina Tumasyan