Alaverdi Puppet Theater was founded in 2013 by the efforts of Levon Sadaghyan, with the support of Alaverdi Municipality and Counterpart International.
In 2009, Levon Sadaghyan graduated from the Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinematography with a degree in Directing. Returning to Alaverdi, he tried to accomplish his dream. After a few years of research in 2013, he finally established Alaverdi’s puppet theater. The theater was originally in Sanahin-Sarahart in Alaverdi, but due to the lack of appropriate conditions, the performances were performed on different stages. In 2013-2015 the Alaverdi Puppet Theater was working on the principle of traveling theater. The first performance was based on Hovhannes Tumanyan’s fairy tales – “The fairy tales of Lori”. This performance was played in about 35 communities in Lori and Tavush provinces, Gyumri, Vanadzor, Yerevan.

In the same year, the Alaverdi Puppet Theater signed a contract with Kapan’s “Tiknik” Children’s Puppet Theater, funded by the Galoust Gulbenkian Foundation. Within the framework of this program, the theater had 3 staff members. They dared to perform Exupery’s “Little Prince”.

In 2015, the theater was banned in Sanahin-Sarahat in Alaverdi for unknown reasons. After leaving the Cultural Palace, due to lack of space, the theater stopped its activities for several months.
In 2016, Alaverdi Puppet Theater started its activities with the AKMI NGO at the Greek Center building by the suggestion of the former president of the Greek AKMI NGO Simon Zakharov.


In 2016-2019, a regular playlist and weekly play were showed at the Theater.
The Embassy of Greece in Armenia also provides great financial support to the theater.
Since 2016, the theater has been renamed into the Alaverdi Puppet Theater of AKMI NGO.

Тhе repertoire of the theater includes 7 plays.

Fairy tales of Lori

Masha and The Bear which has also been performed in the Armenian community of Samara, Russia

The Little Prince

Olympic Laurel

The Little Red Riding Hood

The happy snowman

The tailless fox


Translated by Kristina Tumasyan