PAOK fan club founding meeting of the post-Soviet countries took place on May 26, 2015 in Thessaloniki. As a result, FAN clubs were formed in several post-Soviet countries. Armenia was among those countries as well. Then works to form a fan club in Armenia started.

A Facebook page was created, where materials and game theories about PAOK are regularly posted. Towards the 90th anniversary of the PAOK FA, in Yerevan, a graffiti was created with PAOK FA logo. Armenian Fan Club won the 2nd place at the FAN Club Video Contest and received attributes as gifts.

On August 18, 2016 Armenian national team members were present at the qualifying round of the Europe League, at the match of Dynamo Tbilisi- PAOK, where together with the famous fans of GATE 4 cheered for the PAOK team. The team won 3-0. Read more about PAOK on the blog of Robert Markosyan, Head of the Armenian Fans Club of PAOK.


Translated by Anushik Hakhoyan